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Is Social Security Trying to Cutoff or Reduce Your Benefits?

Part 1
If you have received a notice from Social Security stating they are going to reduce or terminate your benefits you must act immediately to continue your benefits at the current rate.

You only have ten days from the date of the letter to appeal and must act immediately.

To appeal, you must go to your local Social Security office and inform them you wish to appeal the decision. They will give you a form to complete, or help you complete it.

Make sure you have a stamped copy of your appeal, so you can prove you filed it in a timely fashion.

When you receive the first notice of a change, you must appeal immediately. Don’t wait until they have acted on their decision.

Part 2
Assuming you have been notified as described above and you have appealed their decision, now you need me to represent you. Unfortunately, in this circumstance, there is bad news.

I can’t represent you the same way I represent someone trying to get benefits for the first time. In that case I can represent the client with no up-front fee because I know I will be paid when I win the appeal. This is because there will be benefits owed to that person and I will be paid a percentage of the award.

In the situation described in Part 1 above, my fee is due up front. I must charge ten hours at $250.00 per hour ($2,500.00) before I can begin representing you. If those funds are used before your appeal is resolved, you will incur additional expense.

I dislike doing this and may lose you as a client if you are unable or unwilling to agree to these conditions, but there is no other way I can be paid.

Whether you retain me as your representative or not, it is important that you file your appeal within ten days of the date on the letter from Social Security. If your appeal is denied more than once, appeal again within ten days to keep your check coming.

Be aware that Social Security will require you to sign a document stating that you understand if you lose your appeal, you will have to pay the money back. Sign the document. However, If you are unemployed, not retired or have no money in the bank, neither Social Security nor anyone else can throw you in jail for non-payment, nor can they garnish your wages since you are not working.

Part 3
In the long term, should you lose your appeal and do not repay Social Security, and at a later date become eligible for and receive Social Security retirement or disability benefits, they will garnish those benefits until the original amounts paid during your appeal(s) have been repaid.

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